Harbour Handcraft – Traditional Techniques

Saddle stitch

This is a traditional technique of a very durable and beautiful stitching.
With this approach, we manually punch holes and assemble parts of the product with strong waxed linen thread. The saddle stitch provides high strength so that even if one stitch is damaged, those closest to it will not weaken. Sewing items manually we pay careful attention to the elegance of thread layout and the reliability of the seam in general. It is impossible to replicate such a seam on a machine. Each stitch is well-considered and is situated in its place. It is of the right size for each of the different dimensions of the goods.

Edge Heat Creasing

The line we press by hand with a special tool is usually only used for decoration.  This technique probably came from saddlery, where it was used to "bake" the edge of the leather to reduce water absorption.
  This technique gives the product a more aesthetic look and embodies the idea of authentic, refined beauty.

Waxed and Polished edge

In order to protect the edge from moisture, to give it a beautiful shine and dense structure - we polish it with beeswax.  We then apply a layer of a mixture of different waxes and oils to further protect the edge.  It takes a lot of time, but as a result, the edge of the product acquires a deep rich color and silky shine and retains it for a long time.